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The Graffiti Light Project was created and founded by Denver born artist and photographer, Chris Look. It serves as a resource for light art and exhibition site for light painting photography and animation! The Graffiti Light Project started as a simple project of interest in 2009 and continued into a devoted light painting photography workshop, studio, gallery, exhibition center, exhibition resourcing center, educational research lab, educational and mental therapy lab, mathematics and photography workshop, learning center for youth, and also is just a fun and creative place to hang out. The light paintings in our online gallery reach numbers in over the thousands, nearly tens of thousands of images that were all created by Chris Look between 2009-2013 to the present. The website was started as a collection and grew when we started working with performing artists, publicity companies, festival venues, and numerous other associations that enabled us to gain more and more exposure to others who were doing the art as well. We are currently local representatives for a non-profit organization based out of Moscow, Russia called the Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA) and http://www.lpwalliance.com. With the help of the LPWA we want to team up with artists and/or photographers for photo collaborations and animation projects to feature in international exhibitions. 


Chris Look and The Graffiti Light Project will be teaching light painting workshops, providing private lessons, attending festivals for musician coverage and autographed portraits, providing an outlet for light painting photo portraits , on-site event photography, museum exhibitions and showcases, and much much more! We need your support! 


Chris Look and the Graffiti Light Project are actively involved with Fayetteville, AR local city events and community groups around the NWA area. So far The Graffiti Light Project has been able to operate thanks to the full support and effort of photographer Chris Look but the site is open to sponsorships and commercial ideas. The site will eventually be presented to maximize usability and can then be used as a resource for all light painters to read about everything possible about light painting including history, current projects, upcoming events, latest technology, workshops, private lessons, and resources, as well as print ordering options for the work of Chris Look and other approved artists. The project is currently searching for volunteers to help with events, photography assistants, designers, models, coordinators, artists and PHOTOGRAPHERS WILLING TO VOLUNTEER their time to help with the project. We will be attending so many events this year the calendar is always being updated with more and more events and workshops so be sure to check out the calendar for updated event information at http://www.graffitilight.com/calendar


Light Painting Photography and Animation in a fun setting and environment to help everyone achieve a positive outlook on life by using art as a way of teaching a range of skills from sensory awareness training and perspective, to technical aspects of basic and not so basic functions of the camera with situational advice providing a guide to measure change in optimism and success through art by using creativity as a passage to the channel creativity and thus exist in a constant state of enlightenment during the creation of the art, then a state of balance is returned when the shutter clicks shut.

Our goal is to provide a glimpse into another dimension of imagery through the use of socially interacting with individuals and the community to share the art of light painting!  The Group and I are glad to hear any comments you have about the page, our photos, and any of the content of the website. I appreciate hearing all the responses from everyone we meet so be sure to make your voice heard on the website! We are currently in the process of revamping the webpage during Feb-March 2013 so if you are having any difficulties with the site we thank you for your patience. If you are trying to order prints and would like to speak with a representative please call Chris Look at (479)633-7761 and let me know what questions you have. We look forward to seeing you at all of our upcoming events and be sure to check out our upcoming exhibitions that will be displaying light painting photography & animations, light painting workshops, light painting news and MUCH, MUCH MORE! 

Be sure to check out the Light Painting World Alliance at http://www.lpwalliance.com and contact your local representative for more information

We are proudly listed as a legitimate source for information on Light Painting on 

Wikipedia ~ Light Painting




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Fenix La Roux

Photo by Will Wess

Photo by Will Wess


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