Evan the Raccoon: Friend of the Feral


Once upon a time, some half-feral kid named Evan was raised by his grandma and a bunch of raccoons in the rural woodlands Northwest Georgia. He hibernated there in a smokey mountainside crater for 18 years with bunch of musical instruments, studying how to communicate with other humans and finally emerging as a one-man-band during the summer of 2006. From there, he set out on a wild chaotic eight-year journey all across the North American continent playing music, hitch hiking, braving the various perils of Greyhound buses and occasionally stumbling through music festivals dressed as a ninja critter with a bass guitar. He went crazy from it all and had to hibernate again for a while, but now he’s once again returning to civilization with a whole new one-man-band arsenal that will enable him to play drums, bass and sing at the same time, and set up in the middle of the woods anywhere to play a full show for all the untamed creatures of the forest to freak out to. Because of this and much more, he calls his new act “Friend of the Feral.”

Light Painting Autographs by the Graffiti Light Project

Next Live Show Updates Coming September 2014… 


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