Featured Musicians: Foleys Van


Featured Musicians:

Foleys Van


Congratulations on winning the 2014

Wakarusa Winter Classic Jan. 16, 2014

at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR.



The Wakarusa Winter Classic is a battle of the bands of sorts that has five individual regions in which 5 bands, local to each region compete for a set to play a live performance at the 2014 Wakarusa Music Festival June 5-8, 2014 in Ozark, Arkansas. Foleys Van won the audience’s choice in the Arkansas competition and still to come is InterStellar Meltdown.

Light Painting Photo-Autographs with Foleys Van and


The Graffiti Light Project – Light Painting Photography by Chris Look 

   We had the wonderful opportunity to spend the evening with these talented gentleman out at their cabin in Fayetteville, Arkansas and got to hang with the guys of Foleys Van. During our stay we talked them into bearing the freezing temperatures for an outdoor group shot. These are the times when I wish I hadn’t left my wide angle lens on some bus on my last trip to Denver! The stars out there were amazing but the stars that were in focus for the night were definitely Foleys Van. These guys did their own light paintings and light painting photo autographs and I think they turned out pretty great for only using one single Maglight for a light source! No flash on this one which is why is a bit blurry but it adds to the feel of the shot. 

   Check out some of Foleys Van music on their website:



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Join us with the Pipeline Street Team

Don’t forget the Waka DJ Classic “Interstellar Meltdown” is coming up soon!


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Stay tuned for more updates on http://www.graffiitlight.com


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