LPWA Mega Animation Project

Light Painting World Alliance

Mega Animation Project 2014


The Light Painting World Alliance is hosting a collective, mixed animation set made out of segments that YOU create, which will then be edited into one Mega animation! 


All segments of animation should conform to the following conditions:

Theme: Love & Peace.

Execution: any style, any light tool, any language, any age.

Content requirements for each segment:

1. People (real or pictured, one or more) in scene, expressing in animation the specified theme.

2. Titles written with light cold be involved. More specifically the words “LOVE” and “PEACE”. If you choose to write these words please do so in the language of your country of residence.

Strictly forbidden: Any kind of porno, violence, racism, war, drugs, alcohol, smoking.

Video format: FullHD (1920×1080, square pixel, 25 fps), Quicktime Motion JPEG A Compressor.

No soundtrack.

Duration: 10-30 seconds.

One animation segment per participant.

Deadline to submit complete segment: December 10 2014.

Premiere showing ready for Christmas and beyond.

Based on original idea by Ojhan Mashabi (Indonesia)

Best regards Sergey ~LPWA 



Here are some examples of some great light painting animations by various artists, a few of which are also members of the LPWA! 

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