Featured Artist: Cisco Light Painting

Featured Artist: Cisco Light Painting


Citizen of Light

“I love the light. And I seek the means to sculpt the shape, distribute on a topic to give it a soul.

I am a sculptor of light … ” – Cisco Light Painting (quote from Light Painting World Alliance)




Photograph courtesy of the Cisco LightPainting Facebook Page.


Installation light painting “Kaléido-Light” 
Outil immersif inventé par les artistes Will Wildmot et Cisco – Peindre avec de la lumière en temps réel sous forme de “Kaléido-Light” . Cette création est projeteé en temps réel sur des écrans

“Kaléido-Light” from cisco lightpainting on Vimeo.



Cisco Light Painting are Local Representatives of the LPWA and members of “I Light This” from Indonesia. 

Light Painting World Alliance and www.lpwalliance.com

Cisco Light Painting and the Graffiti Light Project are working together with the Light Painting World Alliance to bring their art together in an exhibition to be featured in the USA in Spring 2014! Location is TBA. There will be more news coming soon so stay tuned to http://www.graffitilight.com for more information.

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